Letter from the President

Greetings All,

I am excited to be crafting this message on behalf of our energetic and committed wholesale exhibitors here at the MinneapolisMART.  As we look ahead to 2020, and beyond, there are so many exciting changes to share with you, our valued retail buying partners.

When you attend our January and/or March 2020 shows you will see that the MinneapolisMART’s tenants have been busy improving their spaces to better serve you.  I can’t count the number of paint cans, new fixtures and new flooring that I have seen coming through the doors in the past few weeks.   This is a ritual that occurs here at the MinneapolisMART every few years when common lease terms expire and a shuffling of the deck results.   Many exhibitors are now expanding or moving their showrooms to a new location.  So, even though we have lost a few exhibitors to retirement, or for other business reasons, this is an exciting time of renewal for the MinneapolisMART.

What can you expect with your next visit to the MinneapolisMART?  Well, first of all you will see new, fresh looks and lines offered by our permanent exhibitors.  This will include several new permanent showrooms that our joining our membership.  You will also see a much expanded collection of temporary exhibitors at all shows and all will be available to see right here at the MART.  Yes, we will be hosting 100% or our temporary exhibitors right here in our building, so no need to catch a shuttle bus to visit the temporary exhibits.

My last thought is to offer a sincere thank you to all of our regional wholesale buyers for making the MinneapolisMART a key part of your product sourcing strategy.  Your committed manufacturer’s representatives appreciate that you make your local marketplace a part of your overall annual buying program.  At last count, we have thousands of unique lines represented here at the MinneapolisMART.  This includes over 300 lines that you will not find at any of the major markets located in Atlanta, Dallas or Las Vegas.


Doug Yahnke
UMAGA Board of Directors – President